marți, 14 iunie 2011


[Bus Stop Present]
The tiny rain drops were touching his face. He felt so annoyed to see her with someone else. Only a few days ago they broke up and now she was already with someone else. The bad things she told him popped up in his head. He felt so alone...

[2 Days Ago]
Him: I love you.
Her: I... I... she hesitated.
Him: What's wrong?
Her: I wanna break up with you.
Him: Why?
Her: Because I... I... Hate you.
Him: Why?
Her: I just hate you.
His heart was starting to fall apart. With his last breath he asked her again.
Her: You are a dissapointment, a loser, a pathetic little kid. You are like a burden for me. You are always in the way, you are good-for-nothing and... you are worthless. You don't mean anything to me anymore.
He started walking away from her hoping that she didn't mean it. But it was true. He was starting to realise that she was right. He went in the dark woods to think.

[Bus Stop 5 minutes later]
He remembered every moment they spent togheter. He went on the sidewalk and sat down. His mind was going nuts. In a way he was so mad at her, but still he loved her. He gazed at the stars: Someday I will mean more to you.

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